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Stars’N'Bars Abu Dhabi

Now SNB is also available in the U.A.E !

Stars ‘n’ Bars is more than just a restaurant. It is an entertainment complex dedicated to each member of the family: kids & adults, as well as business people. SNB offers great eatertainment – not only American cuisine featuring tex-mex and state of the art cocktails, but also amazing entertainment facilities including an arcade room, pool tables, stage
for live bands, DJs and dancing. We offer professional restaurant and caterings services in a versatile and glamorous setting.

Stars ‘n’ Bars – Monte Carlo lifestyle on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi


> GREAT LOCATION : Yas Marina to the right the yacht club,to the left the race track with amazing views to the Yas Hotel.

> DESIGN : With a fully redesigned sports bar, and a black & white area to display the glamour touch of Monte-Carlo.

> FAMILY : An arcade room with video and redemption games is also available to entertain kids.

> EXECUTION & SERVICE : High professional skilled employees; friendly, fast, focused; well designed kids menu; modern media devices and high quality products.

> MERCHANDISE : The Stars’n’Bars experience can be taken home, remembered and collected in form of apparel for the family, smaller souvenirs and any merchandising you
can imagine!


> Restaurant tailor made design with unique tables (modified cars), special chairs (chair lift, parachute & horse saddle), collection of unique posters, hand signed by famous celebrity guest in Monaco, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. More than 20 plasma screens broadcasting all sports events from all over the world.

> Location: a top designed building (no. 2) on the harbor of Yas marina, right on the F1 track and just meters away from the only petrol stop for boats at 20 km around.

> Design: bright, hip, and clean, family friendly, fun furniture, different selections to satisfy every target group with it’s special needs for food and entertainment.

> Size: 1157 square meters dedicated to our guests inside and outside

> Employees: 40 to 45 full time.

> Seating: 190 total capacity.

> Types of transactions: 90% eat in, 10% take out.